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Designed by Clement, Created by YOU! 

The C-YOU concept allow you to create the uniforms that matches the theme of your company, logo, or, just the way you like it.

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DRY-UP technology is a combination of three different materials.

    1. A "smart" fiber that regulates body temperature by wicking sweat.

    2. An open weave that optimizes airflow.

    3. A high quality poly-cotton blend for structuring the garment.

Ideal if you work in a warm environment, are an active chef, or simply want to enjoy the comfort of a moisture wicking fabric! Inspired by athletes, Clement Design® created DRY-UP in 2004, the goal was to provide chefs as much comfort in the kitchen as athletes have on the field, no matter how extreme the environment.

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The HYBRID wear concept brings together several high quality fabrics in one garment: a perfect blend of polyester and cotton woven, which is combined with the highly technical comfort of jersey. The jersey used in the HYBRID wear concept has been specifically designed for professional kitchen use.  Cotton is used for greater comfort with skin contact, polyester is used on the outside for greater durability of colors. The fabric is tightly woven for minimal distortion.

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The Best Grip in the World!

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Several years ago, Clement Design® began studying ways to improve the lives of chefs and servers and invented what is currently known as the Speedbelt®.  This belt eliminates the traditional ties on apron and replaces them with a quick, and easy to use, velcro latch system.

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With comfort as the primary motivator, Clement Design® invented the I-BELT® which is an elastic belt built into the pants.  This belt allows for greater range of movement as well as quick size adjustments.  The belt is made of reinforced elastic and is housed by a DRY-CLIM intelligent fiber looping system that regulates body temperature by wicking moisture.

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