The Michelin-Starred Chef’s Favorite The Puli Hotel Shanghai Pierrick Maire

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The Michelin-Starred Chef’s Favorite Series presents recommendations shared by some of our clients.


This week we sat down with Pierrick Maire, Executive chef of The Phenix from The Puli Hotel (1 Michelin Star*), and he shared with us his favourite places in Shanghai.



Picture property of The Puli Hotel. Pierrick wears the EMPREINTE jacket, made of 100 % Egyptian cotton. 



Favorite Restaurant 

Raw Eatery and Wood Grill, a restaurant run by Juan, a talented Spanish chef. I love it for the beautiful products they offer, prepared in a simple but good manner and only high-quality meat. You can start off the night with one of his delicious cocktail creations, enjoy your meal in a nice atmosphere with a festive ambiance and why not finish the night downstairs at Revolucion. 


Raw Eatery and Wood Grill

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Favorite wine bar 

Pichet. A wine bar on Julu street that I love because it reminds me dearly of (my hometown) France, serving more than a decent bottle of wine but in a pitcher that gives it a very casual and authentic experience. Always good nights in good company.



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Favorite Chinese cuisine 

I love Sichuan food because of all the different flavors you can expect from a single dish. There is a delicate balance between acidity, fat, spices and of course the special tingling of Sichuan pepper. I also quite like the Zhejiang dishes, especially the lamb-based one. Considering I worked in Taipei for 2 years (at Yannick Alleno, 2 stars Michelin restaurant), I have to add Din Tai Fung to the list, which is in a category of its own.




Favorite brunch  

There’s a beautiful little terrace in Tianzifang, connected to a restaurant called Plump Oyster (Where the Botanik was formerly hosted). I spent numerous Sundays in that cozy garden, just eating their oysters (they probably have one of the best selections in Shanghai), fried calamaris and spending the whole afternoon drinking white wine. 


普朗姆生蚝吧 Plump Oyster

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Favorite coffee place

The Puli Terrace has beautiful scenery surrounded by green scenery and it’s therefore my favorite way to start the day, sitting at the Long bar to sip on a coffee.  


璞丽露天花园 The Puli Terrace

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About the Chef


Pierrick is originally from the South of France, which beautifully resonates with his cuisine. While he attended cooking school in his native Marseille, he had a myriad of working experience through many Michelin starred restaurants such as Court Cheval Cheval Blanc**, La Pinede**, Kilimanjaro*, etc. 


In 2014, he made the leap and joined the Shangri-La Beijing, at S.T.A.Y. by Yannick Alleno. It took less than 2 years for him to fly to Taipei, still under Yannick Alleno, but this time taking the role of Executive chef. He finally arrived in Shanghai in May 2019, in order to take over the Phénix, where he got his first star under his name, and he chooses Clement Design all along the path for almost a decade. During the interview, he showed us some pieces he purchased from Clement Design years ago, and it can hardly tell they were be wearing for all these years. PM "Pierrick" in order to peek how they look now after 6 years.  




Picture property of The Puli Hotel




Introduction of Phénix, The Puli 


The Phénix is located in The Puli Hotel, and opened in late March 2016 with chef Michael Wilson, grabbing its first Michelin star in 2018 with the first edition of the guide. When Pierrick Maire took over in 2019, the bar was set quite high but he was able to swiftly take over, maintain the quality of the food as well as consistently upgrading the menu to transform it into his own.


The Phénix is a French farm-to-table restaurant offering a seasonal cuisine with high-quality fresh ingredients. Citing Auguste Escoffier as his ultimate inspiration ever since Pierrick Maire started cooking, he makes them his own by including modern elements of the Mediterranean/south of France cuisine. Pierrick Maire considers the quality of the ingredient the most important aspect of his cuisine, spending a great deal of time ensuring he finds the perfect items.