Michelin Chefs' Favorites: Yann Klein From Maison Lameloise

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The Michelin-Starred Chef’s Favorite Series presents recommendations shared by some of our clients.

We recently visited the One Star Michelin Restaurant MaisonLameloise, located in the Shanghai Tower and got the chance to sit down with Executive Chef Yann Klein to chat about his favorite food destinations in Shanghai.

Executive Chef Yann Klein, wearing the DREAM jacket from Clement Design. Source: Yann Klein.

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About the Chef

Originally from Alsace, Yann Klein debuted his apprentice at the age of 16. After studying in culinary school, he obtained the Bachelor Culinary Management at Institut Paul Bocuse in France and worked with the leading French Michelin-starred chefs including Anne-Sophie Pic (Beau-Rivage Palace, two Michelin stars) and Emmanuel Renaut (Flocon de Sel, three Michelin stars). Working with Michelin-starred chefs allowed Yann Klein to accumulate a variety of gastronomic knowledge, to experience different culinary approaches and to discover a diversity of authentic products and tastes. His passion, his trustworthiness and his rigorous discipline have key to success in building his career as a chef. As Chef Pras, Yann Klein advocates the honest and generous cooking, the ‘balance of power’ in recipes and, of course, the delicacy. The pleasure of the palate is essential to Klein, as he believes that gourmandize is the most valuable asset in his profession. Then comes the conviviality of bringing people around the same table for a sophisticated culinary journey in one of the most iconic monuments of the city of Shanghai. 


Favorite Brunch 

RAC I (Anfu Lu)

A great way to start off the day is to grab the Far West, my favorite galette or go for their avocado bun, paired with crisp white wine based on to Simon's recommandations (Rac owner). To top it off, you end this on a sweet note with a caramel and salted butter crepe, while sipping on a passion fruit soda. I'm very fond of the welcoming atmosphere with such a friendly service, it makes you believe you could be back in Chagny (City where the original Maison Lameloise is), having coffee with the local bistro owner.

RAC (Anfu Lu)  

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Favorite Lunch

Discovery of local street food eatery (People Square/West Nanjing Road)

One of the perks of being in China is discovering local food and to explore their different style of cuisine. When I have time during the day, what I love exploring neighboorhood small food stalls, especially those with Xiao Long Bao or those pan-fried jiazu. I also like to explore canteens to get a deep local tasting experience.




Where to start the night

SOiF (Wuding Lu)

Another place that almost feels like being back home is SOiF, a natural wine bar that has a simple bistro menu. They have really interesting products, and it's a great place to just sit at the bar and kick-off a couple of glasses of wine to start off right. The service is friendly, casual and the decor makes you feel instantly comfortable, like your local french bistro.

SOiF (Wuding Lu)

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Favorite Dining Experience

Le comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire, Taian Table, Fu He Hui

Shanghai is a city of so many great restaurants, it's hard to pick just one. Amongst my favorite I have to point out Le comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire, for their delicious interpretation of French food. For a great experience of contemporary european food paired with strong asian influence, I would definitely pick Taian Table. It's quite unique and their service is highly attentive. At last but not least, Fu He Hui, an amazing vegetarian restaurant which offer much more of an experience then a meal, a perfect place to enjoy dinner with friends.

Le comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire

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A Bonus Question

Favorite Festive Restaurant

High Yaki (Jianguo Lu)

If I'm in the mood for a festive dining experience, my reference would then be High Yaki. They have a great menu as well as a great sake line-up. You go with a group of friends and indulge in good food, good drinks, everytime.

High Yaki (Jianguo Lu)

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How to describe 

Maison Lameloise Shanghai 

according to its Executive Chef

Seasonnality, gourmandise, respect of the product. Those would be the three key words to describe our restaurant.

Curated by Eric Pras, our menu aim to bring a taste of Burgundy to China. Our type of cuisine is one that's very technical, but simple on the plate. Although we built something on strong Michelin technice bases, we want to make it accessible to all. For reference, one of the key change we incorporate this year, is the find high-quality local ingredients, while keeping our French identity.

As to when you should join us for a taste, I would say that lunch and dinner hold two completely different vibes. One offers you a beautiful view of Shanghai, bright blue sky with a quick-pace cheery ambiance and lunch menu that doesn't compromise on quality. But according to me, nothing beats the experience you get in the summer when you can dine while enjoying the sunset and sipping on a Burgundy wine. After enjoying our interpretation of Burgundy cuisine,  such as our hot and cold Langoustine (signature dish from Eric Pras) or our constantly evolving snails dishes, you end the night on one of our delicious burgundy whisky such as the one we have from Michel Couvreur, or as the Alsacian side of me would recommend, our pear Eau-de-vie.

Maison Lameloise Shanghai,  photo from official website


About Maison Lameloise Chagny

Located in Burgundy, right in the heart of France finest  producing area, Maison Lameloise is a veritable institution of French Gastronomy and, is the source of more than 90 years of a certain art de vivre. It is in Chagny, that a history of stars began where three Lameloise generations have succeeded, Pierre, Jean & Jacques.