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Discover Clement Design Chef Wear






Clement Design, the Couturier of Top Chefs


Established in France 20 years ago, Clement Design is considered as the “couturier of top Chefs” thanks to its unique style and innovative approach to fabric and patterns. Highly creative – with patented innovations like I-Belt, Dry-Up fabric or Hybrid patterns - Clement Design aims at dressing Chefs with comfortable, stylish and durable kitchen wears. 


Dressing the most prestigious establishments all over the world


Clement Design is proudly supplying to the most prestigious establishments all over the world, from star-Michelin restaurants, high-end hotels, resorts to bakeries chains, catering companies and even self-made cooks for home use. 


Maker of Prestige Chef Wear


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Innovations of Clement Design

  • Unique cuts, Clement Design offers unique cuttings, suit according to body shape and provide a slimmer fit.


  • Dry-Up fabric, an innovation by Clement Design. It combines innovative fabric to bring comfort in heated environment to stay always dry by adjusting body temperature, optimising air-circulation as well as giving structure to the garment.


  • Hybrid patterns, a mix of polyester cotton warp and weft weave coupled with the absolute comfort of a non-deformable technical jersey fabric, bringing comfort and durability together.


  • I-belt from Clement Design offers a unique comfort, they are all from the best suppliers in Europe. It’s reinforced elastic band gives it a high amount of easy and free movement. The elastic part of the belt is covered with dry clim, a fabric that avoids excessive transpiration. Self-fastening closure for an easy adjustment.